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Making Children a National Political Priority
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We can do better: Child Abuse and Neglect Deaths in the U.S.

Contact your Representatives to STOP Child Abuse and Neglect Deaths

We need your help. In every state, we are failing to protect children in desperate circumstances.
The numbers are staggering. Official reports show that nearly five children in America die every day from abuse or neglect. The reality is that no one knows the exact number, because there are differing definitions of abuse and neglect in all the states and inconsistent record-keeping. Experts say the real number is likely much higher.
We need to urge Congress to make America’s children a political priority. Please join us today by writing to your Representatives, asking them to adopt new policies and commit new resources to safeguard vulnerable children all across the country.

You can help today by sending a letter to your Representatives. Just enter your zip code below to get started.


Thank you for making children a political priority!